Let’s take a sneak peak behind the scenes of The Skip Thomas Productions COO Tina Hobbs and Mike “Big Gank” Berry as they continue to put Cleveland on the map with the Indie Urban Suspense /Thriller Horror Movie “Banger” with a All Star Cast such as Clifton Powell, Omar Gooding, Joe Estevez and others.

In America we lock up more children then anywhere in the world. Shockingly, over 54,000 inmates are under the age of 18 years old. The sad part is, we lock these children up for simply missing school, staying out past curfew, or running away from home. We as parents, educators, politicians, and every day citizens are letting the government fail the next generation. During my vast studies, I’ve come across the “school to prison pipeline” theory. At first I thought the idea was pretty preposterous, only to realize there actually is a direct connection. Parents drop the ball, the school system drops the ball, while the justice and pharmaceutical systems benefit (profit).

SelectED is one of the realest documentaries I’ve had the chance to watch, about the urban educational system. The film focuses on one particular high school in Chicago, Whitney Young, for those who are unfamiliar with the high school, it was the first fully integrated school in Chicago, created in the late 1970’s. The school was built amid riots, when segregation was still a prominent part of our society; this school was an attempt to bring everyone together while providing a good education and creating opportunity.