Hip-Hop Digital

While bouncing around on Soundcloud, I stumbled a crossed this awesome song “Reflection“, by a budding R&B artist from Harlem. I was captured by his smooth yet soul voice. After just a few songs I was reeled in to his world. As I scrolled though LoVel’s play list I found track after track of good music. Another one of his really addictive tracks is “College” with Nitty Scott MC, whom is pretty dope herself.

With music being so saturated it’s rare to find a talented serious artist and LoVel has great potential. The young artist has various songs that are diverse and fitting of all moods. One of his other really dope tracks is “The Move” featuring Fetty Wap. I recommend that you keep an eye on this dude. Check out a few of his songs below and head over to Soundcloud for the rest of his music.