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Evelyn Black

Evelyn Black is a short film which allows you to see how a woman has turned the tables on a man whom crossed the line with a client of hers.  Evelyn allows her own troubled past to fuel her desire for revenge upon those whom are ‘deserving’ of a drink with Jasmine, her alter ego. Although the film is only six minutes long you will be captured by the end, wondering what happens next!

With such an intense history of gangs, drug kingpins, and harsh street life, I find it surprising that D.C. has been slow to deliver on hip-hop talent. However, D.C. artist have began emerging, and I’m enjoying what they have to offer. It’s clear that Wale has really opened up the D.C. scene, showcasing that talents that lies within, however there is plenty of upcoming talent coming out of the city: Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, and Black Cobain to name a few. Heavy hitters don’t come very often, and when they do, it’s a beautiful experience for music lovers.