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lorineLorine Chia’s rich, soul stirring voice layered over hypnotic beats and coupled with a retro European sound, is sure to win you over if it hasn’t already. After an intense year in college, Lorine took her chances at following her heart and talent, dropping out of school and creating her first project, “Lorine”. She’s now been recognized by popular magazines, blogs, and even Mercede’s Benz.

We discussed things like the fundamental details of who Lorine Chia is, and the details on her nearly finished project “Lorine: Re-Mastered”. This is only the beginning for the Cameroonian born, Ohio native songstress, read on for a peek at girl behind the hype…


There’s a raw beauty in Cleveland’s dirty inner-city, one encapsulated in the music of Jus Mic. Though he is often criticized for not following the beaten path of releasing garbage lyrics laid over up-tempo beats, the half-black, half-Italian Cleveland native speaks candidly about personal and world issues, giving a voice to issues and emotions otherwise neglected. He touches on everything from issues such as the 2007 SuccessTech school shooting, with his track “Last Day of School,” to the turbulentent ending of an intense love, with the track “You’ll Never Know.”