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While we all still await the release of “Man On The Moon III“, Cudi returns with something new. Now that Cudi no longer has to conform to major label standards, his new album isn’t quit what you’d expect. This project has a touch of genius to it, fusing live instruments with an electronic grungy vibe. As always the songs delivery messages a lot of people can relate with. If you want to sit back vibe to “Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven“, you can below in it’s entirety below.

While I’m not the biggest fan of keeping up with all things new in the technology sector, I do know that a USB charger has become a daily part of life. Orico sent us a complimentary 5 in 1 USB wall charger for us to review. After using it for the last week and dropping it a few times I’ve determined it to be a pretty solid gadget, with a clean sleek appeal to it. It’s eliminated the need for so many wires and in turn freed up some outlets. You can purchase your Orico charger on Amazon.