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Many of us spend an exuberant amount of time pondering the path that will be uncovered as our future unfolds. This innate curiosity can fuel us, or drown us in anxiety. Will our career be successful, or is it even the career we truly desire? How will current choices affect my family, job, relationship (etc…)? It is only natural to face these curiosities, as we have no knowledge of, or power over, what is to come. Or might we?

I will be honest, I’ve slept on Logic for the last few years although, I’m semi-familiar with his music. After deciding to sit down and listen to his latest album in it’s entirety, I’m hooked. From the production choices to his rhyme style, Logic is simply dope. The album starts off with “Contact“, an almost three minute long instrumental which set the mood for a personal favorite, “Fade Away“. As the album progresses you get sucked into smooth production and catchy hooks. Unlike a lot of music today, Logic provides you with a story that is filled with substance. Once you get deep into the album you find stand out tracks like “City of Stars” and “Paradise” in which Logic just goes in on. If you haven’t had a chance to listen his latest project “The Incredible True Story“, I highly recommend it.