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Tink is on a roll with the new music releases as she prepares her debut album, Think Tink. Since signing with the legendary producer Timberland, Tink has landed herself as one of the top emerging female artists, along with earning placement as one XXL 2015 Freshmen. Her latest offering Winter’s Diary 3 is a mixture of smooth production with a R&B and hip-hop infused vibe. You’ll notice there are no features on the project but some great producers; including Cookin Soul, C Sick, and Timbaland himself.

Stumbling around on Instagram at 3AM, you’ll find some pretty interesting stuff. That is the case here, with LAYOP clothing. “Live At You Own Pace” offers some very unique pieces, bringing a modern style to life with a vintage vibe. Originally, a small town start up from Michigan, LAYOP is proving to have the longevity needed to survive a forever evolving market. Now stationed in Las Vegas, Nevada and focused on expanding into more shops, LAYOP is bringing a message with them; “Live At Your Own Pace”.