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Big Sean Dark Sky

Big Sean followed suit like many other artists and documented the process of creating his project, Dark Sky Paradise. Although the album has been out for a while the documentary style video has just been released, as a TIDAL exclusive. You’ll be taken back to all the way back to November of 2013, when the home studio was originally being built. In the short 12 minutes video you will see Big Sean working on tracks in the studio, along with appearances from Diddy, DJ Khaled, and John Legend among other notable artists.


In this TED Talk video Clint Smith breaks down what it’s like to raise a black son in America, hitting the nail right on the head. I now, sit in the seat of Clint’s parents, raising a black son… in America. It’s a sad truth that we still have to face these fears in 2015. Young unarmed, innocent black citizens are being murdered. Not only by cops but other intimidated folks of all races. It’s tragic that the color of our skin can cause people to fear and panic upon a chance face to face encounter. Stereo types are now controlling whether a human lives or dies, dictating our futures.


It’s not often that I stumble upon authentic R&B any more and it always excites me to hear such powerful vocals. So, to my surprise R.Lum.R has been an awesome breath of fresh air today. The young emerging Florida artist is working on his debut project, Over. The EP does not yet have an official release date but you can surely enjoy his single Be Honest now, which is also available on iTunes.