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We’ve watched countless murders over these last few years. Heartbreaking, devastating, and senseless just to frame it for you. Too many lives repeatedly snatched on and off camera by police and racists local, neighborhood terrorists. What does that do to the mind? It causes trauma! In 95% of the cases, there is no convection and in more than half of the other cases, the cop isn’t even fired. We ask America, how are we supposed to feel safe and protected? The real question is, why can’t we have the same protection and right to safety? Knowing that we are not protected leaves you with a sense of confusion and fear when you’re faced with dialing 911 in a true emergency situation. Will a call for help turn into you pleading for your life? Until fortunately it may be worse as in many cases.

In May of 2020 riots sparked all across America in the name of Gorge Floyd and other Black lives that have been stolen far too soon. Meanwhile, in Kenosha, Wisconsin we have an unarmed Jacob Blake, shot 7 times in the back as he attempts to get in the car with his children. Yes, his small children witnessed an “officer of the law” wrongfully shoot their father in the back multiple times. This is why we need to talk about generational traumatization. The father Jacob Blake, his children, and all of those witnesses were traumatized in a matter of seconds. Then it was uploaded to the internet, to remind the rest of us to “know our place” in this twisted society or we may be in the same position if we do not comply. 

I hear people making excuses and justifying him being shot. It’s disgusting. A friend of mine said to me “Well, he walked away and REACHED into his car, so ya, your going to get shot”. I was rendered speechless and sat there taking in the audacity of that statement. What I heard from that was, cops are already killing black people, why would he be any different? It’s mind numbing that people are so brainwashed by the media that you don’t see the full picture. This man is supposedly removing his kid from a situation to de-escalte a problem. As he continues to attempt to leave with his children who are in the car, he is then shot in the back seven times and he deserved it? You can not justify SEVEN shots to the back of a human. 

I’ve been in the media world 12 years now. I understand how easy words and images can control the mind. The media specializes in feeding you information that helps makes a decision for you. Every times you watch the news, a movies, music video, or any other content you are being triggered emotionally. Take a look at what emotions arises when you see these headlines and videos of these rogue police killing another innocent peson. How does that make you feel? I know for me personally it can cause anger, frustration, anxiety, and sadness. It’s hard to watch this cycle go on repeatedly.

We have to stop sharing these videos. It’s more painful than it is helpful. To open up your phone or computer to a video of a man or woman being gunned down is devastating, triggering, and overall unhealthy for your mind and body. It takes a conscious and subconscious toll on the brain. We are in one way becoming desensitized to watching our brothers and sisters being murdered, while also developing mental disorders like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and many other ailments. As we move toward the end of the year, we need to focus on healing and avoiding retraumatizing ourselves by watching those videos. It’s time to unite and create solutions for healing a traumatized nation. We can not go on like this.

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